13 February 2014

The Intimate Whole // Survival Suicide

There's only a few days left to see Chapter II of The Intimate Whole exhibition series at The Corner Cooperative in Chippendale.
Contributing artists: Emma Kirby // Rachael McCallum // Louise Morgan // Meaghan Potter // Thomas Quayle
116 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, Sydney // Exhibition ends 4pm, Monday 17th February 2014.

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Louise Morgan, detail:Survival Suicide II,  2014


I took the opportunity of this group show to test out some concepts and new pathways that have taken residence in my mind for a while now. This step towards a more illustrational style for me is the product of my concerns for environmental pressures and a hope to communicate with the broader community about these issues. For this group show I started producing a small series of drawings that explore the unforgiving consequences of evolutionary defences in Australian native and invasive species. My focus lies particularly in the conflict that ensues the survival of these species through the use of statistics pertaining to breeding cycles and a growing understanding of the fragile nature of Australian ecosystems.

Louise Morgan, Survival Suicide I & II
watercolour  // graphite and gold leaf on paper
455 x 557mm ea, 2014

The Intimate Whole: Chapter II - Closer than you thought at The Corner, 2014
Installation view (from left to right) Emma Kirby,
Rachael McCallum & Louise Morgan

The Intimate Whole: Chapter II - Closer than you thought at The Corner, 2014
Installation view (left to right) with Rachael McCallum,
Emma Kirby, Thomas Quayle & Louise Morgan

Louise Morgan, detail: A blue song
Watercolour on paper // paper
dimensions variable, 2014

Louise Morgan, Retention I, II & III
Graphite and gold leaf // Graphite and watercolour // Graphite and gold leaf
327 x 378mm each, 2014

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