30 March 2015

Exhibitions: April 2015

4 April - 5 May  •  Nature & Narrative  •  Jean Bellette Gallery, Hill End

In April 2014, the Drawing Department at the National Art School brought five enterprising students to Hill End as part of their Honours degree program. It was initially meant as a time for them to get to know each other but over the subsequent year, the true and surprising impact of this extraordinary place has become evident in their work. Working in diverse media and with interests that range from landscape as a sustainable environment or a source of narrative unease to formal considerations of space or driving through real space, these artists have gone down many challenging roads and come out, a year later, with the work you see here.

14 April - 2 May  •  Paper Works III  •  Brenda May Gallery, Sydney

I'll be doing a smaller installation of Symptoms for this paper orientated group show at Brenda May Gallery. 


Paper is such a commonplace and pervasive material. We write on it, read it, drink out of it and eat off it, yet in terms of conservation it is considered one of the most fragile of mediums in the art world. 

This third installment of our Paper Works series endeavours to illustrate the diversity and versatility of paper, providing a glimpse into the range of creative potential for this medium. 

Artists include Lee Bethal, Daniel Chant, Todd Fuller, Lisa Giles, Nicci Haynes, Bettina Hill, Therese Kenyon, Melinda Le Guay, Jo Meisner, Louise Morgan, Nicola Moss, Helen Mueller, Al Munro, Mylyn Nguyen, Janet Parker-Smith, Pamela See, Lezlie Tilley, Elizabeth Willing. 

Brenda May Gallery

2 Danks St, Waterloo NSW 2017

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