River and Rain studies

Rain and River studies


A series of graphite and water experiments developed on residency in Glasgow 2016 ('Riverstone studies') and continued back in Australia 2017 with 'Rain' and 'Melt' series. The Riverstone studies came out of interacting with a post-glacial landscape, using the river (its water, movement, bank and stones) to make the works.

'Rain' captures the erratic language of one of the planet's most valuable and destructive elements through the artists’ use of a graphite solution on paper. Created during a storm to capture the impact of rainfall, the resulting work embodies the various states of a storm—denoting its clouds, the individual drops, it’s pooling and tracing of topography as it runs over the land.

In using graphite, (a crystallised form of carbon) to record the impact of raindrops during a storm, the work also invites a dialogue around water and carbon, the cultural importance of water and the precariousness of changing climates and its broader environmental and societal effects

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