Symptoms is a response to global ecological impacts with a focus on consequence. Among humankind's more profound accomplishments is our contribution to rapid biodiversity loss and mass extinction. The ultimate consequence of ecological degradation for any life form is extinction.

Symptoms, an installation of over one thousand paper skeletons intends to register the invisible losses of the sixth mass extinction event currently underway. At present, only four taxonomic groups are represented in this work (being amphibian, bird, reptile and mammal species), future developments of this work will expand to include fish and possible invertebrates and plant species. Paper was a deliberate choice as the medium for this work, as it is a material that we take for granted, regard with little value and throw away or destroy with ease - an attitude that is aligned with our treatment of much of the 'natural' world.

The quantity for each animal representative in the installation is based on current estimates (as of Nov. 2014) from the IUCN Red List of known species threatened with extinction (excluding extinct species).

Amphibians: 40%
Birds: 12%
Mammals: 22%
Reptiles: 21%

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