Perspicere / Coral Bleaching | 2014

watercolour and gouache, 32.7 x 34.8 cm ea (framed)

. . .


1. to see through something

2. to percieve or discern clearly

. . .

A collection of coral illustrations set in box frames with white paint applied to the glass. Viewed straight on, the corals are obscured, stepping to the side of the work however, rewards the viewer with a glimpse of the coral in it's entirety.

This work is a reflection on how we deal with implementing conservation of natural environments. We can achieve some form of clarity and solution, but to do so is often an uncomfortable or difficult process that requires approaching from multiple angles.


NAS Postgraduate Exhibition 2014 National Art School, Sydney. 2014

Peculiar Compendiums GAFFA Gallery, Sydney. 2014