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to manipulate an extra-terrestrial planets environment, terrain, atmosphere and climate so that it can support earth-like life

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The Earthscapes/Terraformed project applies this traditionally utopian idea from science fiction onto the Earth - revealing the our planetary manipulation of Earth is leading to dystopian conditions.

Earthscapes / Terraformed | 2018-2019

laser-cut paper, site-specific installation, dimensions variable (approx. 2.5m x 5m)

Earthscapes/Terraformed (2017) is a map of entanglement, composed of topographies collected from satellite images of the Earths surface.

The distinct marks of humankinds presence on the earth are often blended and sometimes indistinguishable from areas where it would seem we've had little impact on. With the declaration of the Anthropocene, the idea of 'nature' as other and separate from humanity becomes replaced with the idea of entanglement.

Earthscapes I & II , pigment prints, 155.5 x 112cm ea, ed. 1/2, 2017

Image: Detail of drawing 'Earthscapes/Terraformed' - topographical lines


Hazelhurst Award for Works on Paper, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Center, Gymea. 2019

TERRAFORMED at 220 Creative Space, Sydney. 2018

NAS Postgraduate Exhibition, National Art School, Sydney. 2017